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right now " far warm. >>catherine: parts of texas are faced with flooding. indiana is drying up. we have the dramatic pictures. what >> evidence has been released in the treyvon martin case, we will have that story coming up. >>catherine: we will show you where parents and their children were lining up since last night to get schools plus. " ♪ [ male announcer ] the inspiring taste of mcdonald's new spicy chicken mcbites. ♪ poppable pieces of tender chicken breast seasoned with just the right amount of spice, but just for a limited time. new spicy chicken mcbites. the simple joy of spicy perfection. ♪ >>catherine: in man is ill and harvard university claiming they he was abused by a former islam coach. he says from 69-72 he was sexually assaulted wondered times of the harvard campus. he and his lawyer said he was misleading on the statute of limitations. the accused coach has since died. southeast texas has been weathering a massive storm system for the past several days. people in houston are getting drenched. the rain is creating a lot of problems where it one man had to get on t
2012. american jobs is a hot topic. president got things going during texas. his focus was mitt romney during his time as ceo of a company that creates new jobs overseas. this shows that mitt romney does not care about the middle-class. his name calling is his private sector experience we asked it of boaters to examine that experience. he made money going pioneers of outsourcing. i do not want pioneers of outsourcing in the white house i want is somebody that police and insourcing... let us bring those jobs back home. >>catherine: that robbery was in pennsylvania that operated in outsourcing not offshore. it the difference is off not necessarily sending jobs overseas. and outrshoring... he is saying that he is trying to deflect attention from the autonomy. >> i recently have become a problem because i am surprised but he is always looking for something. tsunamis, china, it is always something, congress. >>catherine: mitt romney his tax records continue to be an issue. he is being asked to release his tax history. ron paul.. mitt romney has only released 2010 and 2011 a tax returns wil
at an naacp convention in texas into the crowd got hostile. a new rule designed to protect trainers at sea world and once the world is a feeling ferry off later, the warning being sent to the parents of small children. >>jaqueline: here is a look outside a current temperatures. it is very hot away from the coastline with temperatures in the triple digits. coming up, i will tell you what to expect. kahan >> we are continuing to follow in the coming story in the sacramento area. you can see the helicopters dumping water on this massive brushfire. this is the north of sacramento, around 60 mi. north northeast of sacramento. it is near colfax in the crustal area. at this point, the fire is dramatically increasing. the fire is now tied to mothers acres. they're ordering evacuations in the area. it is a very rural area. we do not know if any structures have been affected. we also do not know if anyone has been injured. obviously you can see the smoke. just give you an idea of how hot it was in the sacramento area today, it reached 105 degrees. that is the hottest david it has been for two years.
did understand that the plane was in a stall. we're learning more about injuries by the texas grad student at was attacked by two champs -- to chimpanzees. he has now been moved to a different hospital in south africa. he lost in the year, several fingers, toes, an arm muscle, his arms were so badly bitten his own was exposed. his mother today still insists that her son would probably go back to working with animals the ticket. stay with us, more news after the break. >> hmm hmm is the inbound and outbound muni subway are showing a delay. >>pam: not a developing story, we want to tell you a market of day, stocks finished mostly up after signs that americans are spending money at a slower pace. thick take a look at these numbers. the dow jones closed down 37 points. the nasdaq closed a fraction higher at 2976 and the s&p fell 6.21368. analysts say american shoppers slow spending in june resulting in lower sales for many retailers. thanks not talking to a common word that this tragedy is on the course shapes his plea thoughts. philip holland and >>pam: the labor department says w
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on by former players. in texas and the yankees are here for a back-to-back series. jason kidd made a big mistake over the weekend, he was arrested on a truck driving charge after police say he crashed his suv into a telephone pole. >> the u.s. is struggling in a little bit with brazil tonight. the u.s. has assumed control and the second half and on their way to beating the brazilian squad. said kevin anderson, there was one report that said he was set to become the new athletic director at stanford. andersen denies he has even been contacted by the school. >>gary: it is great to hear about guys getting rich. this is one of those guys from the chicago bears. he is going to be getting a new contract. 32 million from 18 million guaranteed. array rice, five years, 40 million from the reagans. >>gary: back come over the weekend coming here to this, and he coughed scored a pair of goals. the first, with a goal against the galaxy. >>gary: women think that david beck and is such a great guy. >>jackie: he is really good looking. >>gary: tiger woods needs a loan. listen to what has happened. he ha
in l pestle, texas he was only 74 years old. he became a household name. heat later starred in an nbc sitcom. no word on how he died. >> certain models of the perego baby strollers and near death reportedly. with the models shown on your screen. the child tray and a cup holder are part of that recall. >> separately, kolcraft has also a potential for falling items that could present a choking hazard. model zt012 must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end. back in '08, we didn't have these u-verse wireless receivers that let you move the tv around wherever. no siree, bob. who's bob? and if you didn't have a tv outlet, well then you couldn't watch diddly-squat. you talk a lot. you have no idea how good you have it. that's not working. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver, only from at&t. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >> this family feud brewing with the jacksons. >> the only man who have beaten aids.. >> is totally eradicated from my body. >> the rise and ipad cells but apple profits down hello? the words are g
sports reporter furious is her name was just a red field. she was a texas native. >> the last thing she send me through a third text message was that she was excited about the truck. i was coming next week. she said i need my mom. i was blessed if only for 25 years. >> ironically, just weeks ago, she escaped a shooting at a toronto mall as she was visiting. house >> we're dealing with a 70 casualties. their efficiency in making an apprehension loss costs will have 30 patients in hospitals, 11 are still in critical condition. late this is an act that defies description. it is difficult to connect emotions that we commonly think up. everyone i have spoken to is still angry and cannot find a focus. the challenge for all of us as a community is to recognize that we have to move past that. obviously there will be a level of accountability it is as this individual is clearly disturbed. we do not know how deep the disturbances. it is clear that we're going to rise back and lift ourselves up of this. foster when you have that many people injured you have people with lifetime disabilities'. it's
and syrian down as the south they, texas and the upper 70's. mainly in the '70s in the north bay. 85 in santa rosa. taking a look at current conditions, and temperatures have not moved all that much feared closer to the coastline from the trees in the '50s and '60s. winds out of the north will take over tomorrow. we will still see low clouds and patchy fog purify it will definitely clear earlier. tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies and warmer temperatures with upper 80s to the bay area. we will take a look at that in your fourth of july forecast in a bit. >> the first f-15 reactors at the to the scene of plant in japan is running again. this was a shutdown after the tsunami in the earthquake. the reactor provides electricity to japan's second-largest city. before the disaster nuclear reactors for 30 percent of the nation's electricity. the japanese prime minister says the nation needs a nuclear power to maintain a quality of life but protesters disagree saying it is way too dangerous. >> and ordered to leave a prosperous and decent lives, a cheap and stable electricity is indispensable. japanese
against the texas rangers. and, the oakland zoo is much cuter today. zookeeper's our on bay be washed with dozens of newborns in hatchlings. a look at the new faces that are the future of the zoo. >>jaqueline: a live look outside from the roof camera in downtown san francisco. crystal clear skies this hour with fog expected to return. we will see warmer conditions through the weekend. details coming up. from announcer: this is the bay area's news station. the kron4 news stark's at a developing story. >>catherine: the wife of ross mirkirimi has arrived at his ethics hearing. she is said to testify before the board of supervisors into the board will eventually decided mercury gets to return to in his job as sheriff. she arrived in hour ago. dan kerman is monitoring what is happening at city hall and is joining us live. >>dan: testimony is under way this hour not from look as but from the campaign manager for mirkirimi. first, let's talk about lopez, she arrived shortly after 5:00 p.m.. this is really the first time under oath that she will speak about the bruise on her arm that she got
across southeast texas, flash flood warnings have been issued. for some areas getting as much as 7 in. of rain. the strong clouds also cause flour outages around he severe rifts a drug, from mexico to the u.s. has been discovered. the mexican military says the list was to use the fluffs lovely thing if it had a lighting and ventilation and began under a warehouse that from in tijuana. it is about 650 ft tall but apparently had not been completed. >>jaqueline: people are still trying to beat the heat curious fact is live not a bad place to be. let's take a look at high temperatures from this afternoon. it was still very warm and less and all of those summers are several degrees below where we were yesterday. it was also clear in the south bay with temperatures in the '80s and '90s. temperatures did call closer to the coastline. temperatures are still in the low 60s in daly city, sentences go and oakland. the wind out of the north have been fairly strong. this seabury's winds will return to the overnight hours. that will bring fog back into the shores and cool things down of the weekend
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11